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The Havens

Frank & Julia Havens
Frank & Julia Havens

Check out our Havens Ancestry page.

The Andersons

Anders & Godfreda Anderson
Anders & Godfreda (Hansdotter) Anderson

Aunt Sally Sundberg
Sara (Sally) Anderson Sundberg
    Sister of Anders and her family, the Sundbergs

Our Family in Norway

Flag of Norway

At the age of 22, Godfreda Hansdotter left Hidra, her island village on the southern coast of Norway, for the United States. She left many relatives in Norway, including her uncle (her father's brother, Olof Mandius Hansen) and his family.

Scandinavian surnames have undergone changes over the years. In the early 1940s, many Norwegian family names were changed, and the name Haneferd was adopted by the descendants of Olof Mandius Hansen.

One of his sons, Sigvarth Emil Haneferd, 1894-1969, and his wife, Maalfrid, had five children: Hein, Turid, Tore, Signe, and Gudleik.

In 2004, Russ visited Norway and was introduced to his second cousins for the first time in the beautiful homeland of his grandmother.

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The Haneferd Family
The Haneferds
Norway Photo Album
Åsnes, Flekkefjord, & Hidra -- Norway

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A Tribute to Ken Havens

Ken Havens

Ken grew up in western and central New York. He attended Stockbridge Valley High School, was involved with a small band, and loved farming. He graduated from Morrisville Agricultural & Technical College (now called Morrisville State College) in Morrisville, NY.

  • Kenny and Me
    By Jan Powers

    A classic story about teenage romance and the high school prom. Be sure to read it!
  • Ken in Vietnam

    In 1969, Ken was drafted and sent to Vietnam immediately after his initial training.

    Ken served in the 1st Air Cavalry Division. He died at Landing Zone Jamie in October, 1969, a few days after his 23rd birthday.

    This page includes photos, and you can read actual photocopies of his letters to his mother.

Oneida High School -- 1955

Oneida High School Class of 1955 

  • Class of 1955

    Reflections on the 50th anniversary reunion held in Oneida, New York, September 9-11, 2005.

    In addition, the entire OHS yearbook has been reproduced, including individual class members photos. Plus, there are other photos -- old and more recent -- as well as news items and remembrances of deceased classmates.

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