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Our Havens Ancestry

Our Havens Ancestry

Bob and Russ recently began delving into the Havens ancestry. Grandpa Frank Havens was the son of Rensselaer Havens, our great grandfather. He was the son of George Havens, who was the son of Benjamin Havens. We even discovered a connection to English nobility through our great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Salisbury Havens.

Among other things, we were able to dig up (pun intended) information about where our great-great-great and great-great grandparents are buried, so on a recent visit to western New York State, we visited these and other family burial sites.

In addition, Bob wrote an interesting and informative article describing our branch of the Havens family tree.

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Kenny and Me

Kenny HavensThis is a story you're sure to enjoy!

It's a story about two high school friends, Ken Havens and Jan Powers -- how they met and the high school prom.

It's sure to bring back memories of that high school romance of yours and a much simpler time in your life.

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Ken Havens in Vietnam

Ken Havens in Vietnam

Forty years ago, Ken served in the US Army in Vietnam. He died there on October 21, 1969, two days after his 23rd birthday.

Click on the image above to open the page dedicated to Ken. You'll find movies and photos he took, along with photo copies of all the letters he wrote to Mom, Russ and Bob.


Clara Havens Tooke

Click the image above to view an enlarged version.

Mom's Recipes

Mom's Recipes 

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Cooking and baking were among Mom's favorite things to do. She took great and justifiable pride in her efforts. A few of her recipes are shared on this page.

Clara 1928

Clara by Gabrielle Shea

Gabrielle Shea, great granddaughter of Clara Anderson Havens Tooke, created the portrait above from a 1928 photograph as a Father's Day gift to her grandfather, Russ Havens. Click to enlarge the image.

To see the original photograph, click here.

Godfreda's Norway Neighborhood

In the 1890s...

Pictured below is a framed postcard of Kirkehamn, or "Church harbor", a village on the island of Hidra, off the southern coast of Norway.

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Kirkehamn on Hidra off the coast of Norway.

The handwritten description is by Clara, one of Godfreda and Anders nine children.

Among other things, it was the birthplace, in 1871, and early home of Godfreda (Hansdotter) Olsen -- the village from which she emigrated to America in 1893. She married a Swedish immigrant, Anders Anderson, a few years later and the rest, as they say, is history...


And in 2013...

The photo below provides a closer view of Godfreda's actual neighborhood as it is in 2013.

The green rectangle indicates where their house stood. The original house burned a few years ago. But this it the neighborhood.

Click the image to see a larger version...

Godfreda's neighborhood 2013Photo by Inger Vågen, 2013

Sanborn Historical Society's Farm Festival

The Sanborn (NY) Historical Society's Farm Festival featured a variety of tractors, most still in running order, as well as other farm machinery, old and new on display.

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Sanborn Historical Society Farm Festival

Niagara River Dancers

Before Europeans arrived on this continent, other people migrated from Asia, and their descendants make an effort to maintain their customs and traditional dances as participants in the Sanborn (NY) Historical Society's Farm Festival.

Click the image below to watch the video.

Niagara River Dancers

Orleans (NY) County 4-H Fair

The Orleans County 4-H Fair, at Albion, NY, featured some interesting crafts, horses, dogs, and animal exhibits.

Orleans Country 4-H Fair

He's the One

He's the One

A Collection of Christmas Poems
By Lois Nicholson

A new book by Lois Nicholson was published in 2016, gathering forty-one of her Christmas poems.

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A Peace of My Mind

A Peace of My Mind by Lori Havens

A new book by Lori Havens containing inspiring insight into daily living with 34 original full-color works of art, first published in this book.

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Life As I See It

Life is a rollercoaster! Wheeeee...!

By Lori Havens

Life is a series of ups and downs.
Sort of like a rollercoaster.
But, this rollercoaster, you can't get off of.
As you mature and grow you learn that the ups and downs are all part of life, and they aren't going to go away no matter how hard you try.
The rollercoaster of life is only there to strengthen us.
We must learn to take just one day at a time and sometimes when the road is bumpy we just take it moment by moment.
Each moment is so precious because it is all that we have.
We do not have yesterday, and we don't have tomorrow.

Big Sur Vistas

by Russ Havens

The video below was photographed in May, 2008, while I was on a road trip to Big Sur, the amazing central coastal area of California.

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